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Global Sight Solutions is registered in the UK under the name of The Rotary Club of Guildford Eye Project, charity number 1127630, and is known within Rotary International Britain and Ireland as The Guildford Rotary Eye Project.



Rotary International is the world’s largest service organisation with around 1¼ million members globally. Members, all of whom are volunteers, provide assistance to the needy both in their local communities and internationally. One member of the Guildford Rotary Club, Dr S N Das MBE, whose profession was eye surgeon and who held the position of chief ophthalmic consultant, started this charity in the 1990’s with the personal ambition of providing free cataract surgery to one million of the world’s poor and needy. It is for this work that Dr Das was awarded an MBE.


Currently Global Sight Solutions under the name, The Guildford Rotary Eye Project, has several dozen goodwill ambassadors in the UK who raise awareness and support from within the Rotary world and in turn from its supporters.  For Rotarians, please go to GET INVOLVED within this website and then scroll down to FOR ROTARIANS.   International support comes from North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Africa, with significant levels of support coming from India which is currently the primary area of Global Sight Solutions' activities.


Global Sight Solutions works closely with the Rotary India Humanity Foundation and is grateful for the ongoing support of the Rotary Action Group for blindness prevention.


Funding partnerships...


As a charity started and administered by Rotarians, and as a charity often supported by Rotary Clubs, Global Sight Solutions under the name of The Guildford Rotary Eye Project can qualify for The Rotary Foundation Global Grant scheme. The Rotary Foundation has over the years raised nearly £2 billion for worthy causes and in addition to its own worldwide programmes will consider applications from Rotary Clubs for grants in support of approved humanitarian projects. It is through such support that we can transform a £5 donation to £15 of aid.


Other sympathetic organisations such as Blindness Prevention Direct Action Fund often provide financial support for the provision of cataract operations to the poor.


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