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Global Sight Solutions is an avoidable blindness charity.

It was registered with the charity commission back in the 1990s by members of Guildford Rotary Club, the aim being to work with Rotary Clubs in the developing world and together establish financially sustainable eye hospitals which can provide a full range of eye care, free to the world’s poorest.

It is100% a Rotary charity and, by virtue of the work it does, falls into one of the seven Rotary Foundation areas of focus and can therefore obtain generous grants to help with financing its projects.

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                                       1   e-Cards  ...... help save the planet!

                                     2  Plymouth to Banjul car rally

                                       3  RAISE £650 EACH YEAR without leaving your chair!

                                       4 Travelling 33,000 miles to help the avoidably blind!

                                                         Number 1:  

      e-CARDS Simply click on: Getyourgreetings-ecardshere!

                       2  Plymouth to Banjul car rally







number 3 

RAISE £650 EACH YEAR without leaving your chair!





Number four.

A Rotary magazine article regarding Global Sight Solutions recent 33,000 mile world tour.

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