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What we have achieved so far...

Since its inception in the 90's Global Sight Solutions, under its Guildford Eye Project banner, has established over 50 specialist eye hospitals in India and Africa and provided 1,000,000 free cataract operations to the poor.  In the course of that endeavour it has undertaken nearly 6 million medical assessments and referred over 1 million people to other specialist facilities.

Our Current Projects...

Our target is to provide a further 50 eye hospitals in a ten year period commencing 2011, while continuing support for newer hospitals as they move towards financial independence.

Update:Target achieved

Our target is to increase the capacity within Global Sight Solutions' current facilities such that 180,000 cataract operations can be undertaken per year.

Global Sight Solutions' supports the provision of Eye Buses which enable blind and partially sighted patients to be transported over often difficult journeys of up to 100Km from their homes to our facilities.

To completely equip a new starter hospital with all the necessary medical equipment plus an eye bus costs around £80,000+. The minimum size for a starter hospital being 4000 sq ft.

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