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Kindly address all enquiries to stating your name, number, location and organisation.





You may wish to be involved on a very occasional basis, or on a more regular basis. Whatever your situation we would love to hear from you. In the first instance kindly forward a very brief CV along with your thoughts, suggestions and phone number to



Anyone wishing to hold a fundraising event will of course receive our full support. You’ll probably have your own ideas but if not we have an extensive range of fundraising suggestions which we’d be happy discuss with you.


Please bear in mind that for the majority of events the inevitable risk assessment and third party insurance issues will need to be addressed. Please be reassured that this is never as onerous as some will have you believe and it does enable you to proceed with the confidence that both participants and the public are safer than they might otherwise be.


Should you wish for our involvement and/or input please contact in the first instance stating your name, number, location and organisation.


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